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HELP [QUESTION] *NO QC REQUESTS* Which one do y’all think will take shorter?


Should I stick to my KX unc i bought from GTR this thursday and wait for it to restock or should i cancel tonight and get refund? (ANY INTEL WHEN KX WILL RESTOCK)

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^__^ is literally me !! had fun making this

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Politics Biden’s worst 8 seconds…😳


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Bliss Ramones - Ignorance is Bliss


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Discussion So there’s a timer keeping track of how much you play destiny… like how… how is this possible to play 951h

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Body Image Just tried on pants at a store


Oh my Gd... My partner said I needed pants because I just go out in lounge pants and sleep pants all the time and he was embarrassed when he was out with me.

Me and my roommate ordered Mexican food and my boyfriend and I went to pick it up but we had some time to kill.

We went to Marshalls and he said let's split up and I'll go to the men's and then you go to the plus size department.. and I said I'm not plus size and he said oh and that he didn't know what size I was and didn't mean anything by it.

I saw these cute cargo pants (size Large) and thought maybe I found baggy enough clothes to where I would feel comfortable wearing them. I just wanted to get them because I didn't want to risk the chance of going into the dressing room and them not fitting.

It was a big step for me to even start wearing sleep pants on the first place, I only wore oversized skirts for years because I wanted to hide my body and I was afraid of people laughing at me. I showed the pants to him and asked if he liked them and he said yeah and that I should try them on so we can get them.

My heart dropped. I didn't want to tell him why I didn't want to try them on. And he was being reasonable because we don't know what the return policy is and it's better to know before you buy them. I went into the dressing room and put them on and looked in the mirror. I had such a flabby flat ass and a large mid section so there was no curves just a huge block of flesh that people refer to as my body. I took them off and put my old clothes on and was walking out of the dressing room. As I was walking out, the girl in the changing room next to me came out in the exact same pants I just tried on and she looked amazing. She was calling out to her friend to come look and see if she should keep them or not and then the friend came and hyped her up and was saying how great her ass looked.

I returned to my boyfriend who has picked up another pair of pants to try on and they were a size medium and he said they were men's size and that we could share them. I told him I didn't want to try anything else on and I wanted to go home and he kept suggesting to keep looking for more pants.. I was about to cry and he asked if trying the clothes on had triggered me. I was just silent the whole carride home and he kept saying he was sorry even though he didn't do anything wrong and he kept trying to make me feel better which felt even more humiliating.

I told him I would follow him to the house and I just needed to be alone for a minute and I have been having a tantrum in my car by screaming, sobbing, slapping myself, biting myself, pulling out my hair asking for Gd to strike me down because I'm selfish and vain and that I don't think I can handle going through life while my body deteriorates because if this is the best it's going to get them there's no telling how much I'm going to hate myself when I'm old.

I'm like that fat wife in the sopranos that cries when people make jokes at about how fat she is and then her husband comforts her and it just makes her feel worse because she knows he's just doing it not because the jokes are wrong but because he loves the person she is inside.

I'm too busy self destructing to count my blessings and I think that may be because then I couldn't just sallow in my own self pity. If I sat down and realized the opportunity I have in life instead of feeling such despair then I would have to actually put work in.

I wanted to put this out there because I'm looking for solace from somewhere even though I don't deserve it.

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[homemade] tteok-bokki korean rice cakes

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Anyone heard of this crap (first pic)? And thinking about picking up this klimovsk ammo says non corrosive but is it any good?


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selling my apex account for a vape lol


I only play Fortnite now, and I NEED a vape. It’s got 180 legendaries,2 heirlooms (wraith and octanes) season 12 diamond, and that’s ab it. I’ll literally sell it for 25$ pleaseee Also has the most recent wraith event skin

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What to do with ~£10k with no debt


I have ~10 grand sitting in my current account that I don’t know what to do with

I have my emergency fund I have no debt - no mortgage, car, etc I have about £15k invested currently

What do I do? Should I invest most of this money or keep it handy in order to purchase a property soonish (by the end of the year)?

I’m 22 years old. Any thoughts on what you would do?

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Question 2011 Pilot. Just noticed the AC wasn’t blowing cold.


It didn’t blow cold on a 16 mile trip at all with thermo stat at Lo. On the way back it suddenly started blowing cold for about 2 mins, then went back to room temp. Any advice.

Also has a “check fuel cap” on the dash. Doubt it’s related.

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Strivectin Promotion April 2023


Get Strivectin Promotion April 2023 from this link and save money on your next purchase. First, visit the link for Strivectin Promotion April 2023. Then, on that page pick the best promo code, or deals, you interested and click the 'View Coupon' button. Enjoy the discount!

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Failrrari Pain

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Looking for meditation, mantras with no meaning or association


I have a small online psychotherapy practice . I love to recommend meditation and breathing exercises as a very effective way to alleviate anxiety . Mindful meditation is a frequent "go to" for clients getting into meditation. I myself have been a transcendental meditation practitioner (not a teacher, but just someone who has practiced it). The TM people don't want you to share their mantras, which o respect. I know there are plenty of other mantras that can be used that would likely be effective to get into a meditative state. I am looking for mantras that are not going to have much association for one's mind. So, nothing like peace, serenity, this shall pass, serenity now, etc. Just a short phrase, word, onomatopoeia, etc that can be used as a mantra. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their mantras that they know of?

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Guess Morph Morph ID?

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Pov: Mage

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PS H: TV Aquarium Plan W: SBQ Plushie or Snallygaster Plushie


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🤔 Speculation / Opinion Credit Default Swap data removed from multiple banks 🚨


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Derivative Work The Many Adventures of the Dread Pirate Roberts | A Fan Fiction Tribute to The Princess Bride | Shawn Michel de Montaigne | ThePiertoForever.com


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StubHub Blue Jays Coupon Code


Check out the link for StubHub Blue Jays Coupon Code. Once on the website, you'll have access to a variety of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly to help you save on your purchase.

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20% Off Office Furniture Coupon & Promo Code


Visit this page for 20% Off Office Furniture Coupon & Promo Code. The website offers a wide selection of Office Furniture coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly, just visit the website to find the perfect one for you.

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Troubleshooting New build, new drive for OS, pathing and label issue


I built my new pc (new mobo, cpu, ssd).

Booted windows from a USB to the new SSD. Still have windows on my old C: drive, which is now D:

I also have a third HDD which is now E: , used to be D:

I have yet to uninstall Windows from the old disk which isn't much of an issue. But basically I have a ton of programs on my old C & D which I can't just copy icons to my new desktop and launch from due to pathing issues. Already went through a rough time sorting steam out.

I'm assuming I don't have to redownload any drivers or anything of that nature. But how can I "repair" or get all of my old programs ready to use now? Like for instance my Logitech software for my mouse, or Riot Client for Valorant, etc. The data is all there but if I click some icons the path will be broken or it'll want to redownload.

I could relabel my drives but my C: still has to be on the new SSD. Thoughts? Maybe I'm over complicating things but I've done a ton of trouble shooting today and brain is fried.

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Camille Vasquez vs. Shannon Curry


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Opinion / Thoughts Why do I feel extremely happy and sad throughout a day?


I get really happy for a couple of hours and then really sad for a couple of hours. Nothing really triggers this I’ve tried to write down whats going on during it but there’s nothing. When I’m happy I feel like I can do anything and be anyone I want to be. But then a few hours go by and I get so sad and want to disappear. Whenever I stop feeling so depressed I feel like I was just being overdramatic. Sometimes i can feel happy or sad for a few days instead of hours but something in my life has to happen. My anxiety is getting worse I just want to be able to do daily activities without seeing anyone. Im socially awkward it’s like when someone talks to me my mind is empty and I don’t know how to respond. I feel no connection to people especially my family. I want to communicate with people but i just can’t. I get extremely agitated sometimes and I just want to peel my skin off and scream. I have so many feeling inside that I can’t describe and I’m scared no one will be able to help me because I’m not able to describe them. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’m scared for myself. I tried seeing a psychiatrist but she said it was just my personality and put me on meds for anxiety. Which don’t really help me.

Any thoughts?

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40 [M4F] Europe looking to chat feeling very lonely lately


Hello there a few things about me I am a very genuine kind caring guy easygoing gentle. I am seeking a nice easygoing gentle woman for a serious relationship ideally but I would like to be friends first and have someone to Chat to I’ve been feeling very lonely lately.

It has never appealed to me to be In a relationship with different women and to be with different women I just want one. I am still a virgin and I’ve never done anything meaningless with anyone that also doesn’t appeal to me at all. But I want a woman that wants to have children in the future.

I really want to settle down and get married very much have my own family in the future. I take good care of myself I have never taken drugs I don’t drink heavily and I don’t smoke. I’m really not into being loud or into partying. I am very family orientated family is very important to me.

I am also not liberal and I don’t follow any liberal political movements and I don’t follow woke culture. I also do not follow mainstream media and I am not interested in social media I keep my life off it I am a very private person.

I also do not watch porn I believe it’s causing unrealistic expectations about relationships and addiction issues. I have no unrealistic expectations about sex at all I use my imagination.

Sex should be something that is gentle between both and I would not want to be rough. I also don’t want to be having sex too early on too I believe you should not rush into this.

I am 6ft 4 dark blonde hair hazel eyes rugby player build very broad shouldered. Big hands big feet I am also quite strong and I have a lot of energy. No tattoos or piercings and I have a naturally smooth body no hairy chest or back and not much on my arms or legs either. I do not aspire to look like men on social media or reality tv or on movies or tv shows. I also have a very manly deep voice and I’ve been told by women that it’s lovely.

I love food I am a big foodie! I cook from scratch and I enjoy eating out In nice restaurants. I go to the gym regularly and I swim I am a very strong swimmer I enjoy swimming very much. I love classical music I often listen to classic FM in the UK. I love red wine also I don’t like drinking much beer at all. I love to travel and explore new places and seeing museums. I also like to read a good book too. I also love photography and I would love to show you some of my photography work once we get talking for a bit.

When it comes to what I like in a woman I do love and I’m very attracted to feminine lady like women that embrace their feminine side. I like women that dress feminine and don’t wear too much makeup. I don’t like fake nails or fake tan. I like women that dress conservatively and modestly and don’t show too much off.

Sorry but I’m not attracted to masculine women as well as women that show too much off. I also prefer a natural body on a Woman too I do love women that keep themselves completely natural all over. I like a nice kind caring easygoing gentle woman I won’t get on with strong minded women and I’d your too into being independent you won’t be for me sorry. I also

I want to get to know you slowly and not rush into it ideally I’d like to be friends first with each other. Please mention milkshakes in your message and Include your age and location! Any messages that don’t contain milkshakes I will not respond to you also say more than hi or hello in your first message.