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Discussion My GF(24) who has never played any Pokémon game before gen 8 just asked me the most hilarious question of all time


My GF is kinda new to Pokémon. She collects the TCG but has never really played a game except Sword and Violet. Now I finally got her to play Pokémon emerald while we were visiting some family and she played for around 2 hours and then realized something was off.. she looks me in the eyes and asks „isn’t XP shared with everyone?“. I just couldn’t help but start to laugh really loud.. she got kinda mad that I „made fun out of her“ but I then proceeded to explain to her how it actually works and I think she kinda thinks it’s weird.

IMO it’s weird that everyone gets XP for not being part of the battle at all :D

Anyone ever had the same or a similar experience?

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The truth about the Pyramids

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Show Only Was Ellie's Mom bitten before we saw her or by that runner in the house?


I take it she was lying to Marlene about being bitten after she gave birth? I'm guessing that if she was bitten as she was giving birth, it was so fast that only a trace amount of the infection was spread to the baby, so that maybe like with vaccines, it was enough for her immune system to recognise it and create an immunity so that when she gets bitten her body attacks the infection. And in the show she gets bitten twice, so it wasn't just a fluke. People thought Ellie's immunity was a genetic mutation, but the fact her Mom was bitten just seconds before she was born must mean that's the way to immunity, so it's just as well no one knows this.

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I'll just leave this here 🙃

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I (F25) wore this outfit to the mall today for fun. I felt glamorous

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Collection Rate my collection

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dilate ?

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Public Service Announcement 📣

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Chinese student Sun Xiaochuan kicked an old lady in Richmond Library, BC, Canada

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Sunday grilling with my step daughter! Wifes on vacation…

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IMAGE The only thing on Joker's mind! 🍑 🏳️‍🌈

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France bans ‘recreational’ use of TikTok, Twitter, Instagram


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Calling it now, this will be the worst match of mania.

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This the way the world ends


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Shitpost Meanwhile in r/nz..

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Political I understand that Imran Khan is the last and only hope for Pakistan, some of their supporters have this cultist persona where they don’t even want to listen to anyone else.

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cmon guys don’t let me down 💀

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Member of parliament being racist

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SEASON 9 Why was Ron bullied so much


Near the end of the show it seems like the boys brains were completely fried and they didn't care about what was actually happening or what Ron was saying. They just wanted to not like him and actually bully him (with the exception of kai).

Ron was talking about how the viewers voted and why he was confused because from his perspective as a viewer it's been different. It kinda blew my mind how people misconstrued this to the drama it became and actually started bullying him and basically calling him a liar. Shaq and Tom were being complete dunces about it and of course will is going to do and say whatever they say.

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Rant Hi. It's you. You're the problem, it's you.


There is this weird delusion in this sub that just because the RE market is fucked, everyone else is responsible for it except for the poor souls in this sub that represent the frothiest tier of demand.

That somehow, because everyone is miserable together, that the big bad boogiemen out there (corporations, flippers, investors, Airbnbers, etc) are fully responsible for everything and they are victims.

But every single person on FTHB who has settled for a shit flip, offered above asking to win the bid, waived contingencies, etc : you are also responsible. Your inability to wait, your excuses of why you need a SFH house no matter the cost or financial position you're putting yourself in, you don't deserve much sympathy. I know it's not easy to admit. I know that timing has not been on your side and things are tough. No one will argue otherwise.

But let me repeat this, because I know it's not easy for people to hear: the ravenous desire many of you have to be a homeowner "right now" is a key reason things aren't cooling off faster. You would think tanking affordability via rates would ease demand, but instead it's hurt supply and left an unhealthy, frothy demand just as frothy. And instead of having a rational, financially savvy response to this tough market, this sub seems to just think they must simply squeeze more, make more sacrifices, to accomplish their goals.

Look, I'm not going to condemn people that have bought houses recently, but you waive your ability to complain and point fingers when you're buying into this game. I'm just saying that some of you need a dose of self awareness.

Put on that TSwift and open those checkbooks, your dream house is just 70% of your take-home-pay away!

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Discussion Unpopular opinion: Pleading is awful feature


So as title says at this point I think pleading is just awful feature that is super abused.

With so many people praising it i think something should be said about this.

The core idea of pleading was okay :you are downed far from your squad and you see that your squad doesn't care and they are not going to pick you up ever: but so many people are just abusing it to betray their former teammates.


If you plead immidietly after you are downed you are awful person. Had so many randoms teammates plead instantly after they die and betray us that I started to play just duo with my friend. If you feel like you don't have any commitments to your random teammates you shouldn't play squadfill.

For explample I was at the roof of the hotels on ashika and my random teammate died in some lower level of that same hotel. He immidietly pleaded without even waiting If I win or lose that gunfight and he went to kill me with his new buddies. And that's just one example of many.

Also if your teamamte downs someone and he pleads, its not your kill so you have no right picking him up. This should be unwritten rule because so many times i lost my stuff coz enemy took it and then my squadfill teamamte immidietly picked him up after I downed him so i didnt have a chance of collecting my stuff back and that ungreatful enemy wasnt giving it back either.

All that being said i would be happy if they removed this feature entirely. If you die, you just die and thats fine by me.

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Censored the flag bc it will trigger the algorithm. But it's a sincere question.

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KaiCenat | Just Chatting Twitch sends Kai custom shoes in PO Box and receives massive amounts of hate on Twitter for it


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Nikola Jokic is now leading the league in PER



Jokic has led the league nearly all year but Embiid, as pointed out by u/Common-Wedding7264 in this post 7 days ago, officially took the top spot for a short period of time

Edit: just to clear this is mostly an /s comment. I am not an advanced stat lerson. This is just to point out how ridiculous the toxicity of the sub has become. It'll probably flip again by weeks end

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Video Mesquite Police Runs Red Light For No Reason

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You can see they turn on their flashers just to run a red light then immediately turns them off.