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It’s the r/Melbourne daily discussion thread [Monday 27/03/2023]


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AMA Hi! I'm Owen Miller, FUSION candidate in the Aston by-election this Saturday, 1 April. I want to make Australians wealthier, healthier & happier by using metrics which focus on human wellbeing, not corporate interests. AMA!


Hello Melbourne Redditors, I'm Owen Miller! πŸ™‹

In case you didn't know, the people of Aston/Knox are being forced back to the polls on April Fools day to vote someone else in, after former Coalition minister of Robodebt and Sex Scandals, Alan Tudge, resigned.

I am running as a candidate with the Fusion Party πŸ’•, website here: https://www.fusionparty.org.au/aston

Despite the comprehensive defeat of the Coalition 🟦 from having any meaningful power since they were defeated at the last Federal election in 2022 🀲, it is still valuable to have some positive voices in Canberra to advocate for the people of Aston/ Melbourne/Victoria/Australia by bringing fresh and reasonable ideas to the table for Labor (Red team πŸŸ₯) and the public conversation πŸ“° to take notice of, and to be an effective opposition where necessary βš–οΈ (because the Blue team won't, and too much power is never a good thing πŸ›οΈ).

Although this Labor government has made some positive steps already - achieving more positivity in less than a year than the Coalition did during their entire time in office - that was such a low bar to beat πŸƒ, and we should expect more meaningful action, not just platitudes ✊!

Particularly, we need more action on the topics of:

  • Meaningful climate action 🌏🌳 (Targets are still far too low 🌑️, no real planπŸ“ , scam carbon credits🏭)
  • No action on the cost of living 🍴 (Something is not right when a working family can barely afford Rent/Mortgage repayments πŸ’Έ)
  • No action on unaffordable housing 🏑 (Children will never move out of home at this rate πŸ‘ͺ)
  • Still continuing the pointless war on drugs despite being the ones who are meant to be different (Causes more problems than there are in the first place, especially in health, and adults should be able to enjoy relatively harmless drugs such as πŸ„πŸ™‚πŸŒΏ in a safe way anyway)

I am running on a platform on focusing more on what is good for people, by viewing topics with different metrics such as the Gross National Happiness 😁 as a measurement of what will make our lives better in a meaningful way 😎, rather than the endless and single-focus pursuit of GDP πŸ“‰, which is often being done at the expense of human wellbeing 🧠, which is not an ethical or sustainable goal to have 🌲.

We are leaving so many opportunities on the table as other countries excel a technological innovation πŸ‘©β€πŸ’», while our graduates go overseas to find work πŸ”¬βœˆοΈ. The talent should be coming home where they (and everyone still here) can find meaningful work in their preferred field πŸ‘©β€πŸ«, with a liveable wage πŸ’°, and give the mundane, unfulfilling jobs to the Robots and AI πŸ€–.

Join me here tomorrow, Monday 27 March 2023 at 12 midday where I will be answering your questions for 1 hour only. I can't wait to see you πŸ‘‹. Post away your questions now!

Thank you to the Moderators who are accommodating this AMA

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Photography Grey morning in Docklands

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Roads Spotted this legend down the M1 today

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Not On My Smashed Avo Ram vs Yaris at Chadstone #yanktank

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Things That Go Ding What would a Melbourne version look like? Crosspost: LEGO tribute to Sydney


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Opinions/advice needed Best sandwich place in Melbourne? My vote is Saul's in Brunswick.

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Real estate/Renting 'It's lies on top of lies': These real estate insiders want you to know the industry's secrets


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Photography Melbourne Nights

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Everybody sleep tight

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Roads Just Melton things


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Serious News Everything is taking shape so quickly in Melbourne! Can’t wait for this race weekend


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Light and Fluffy News Has anyone else experienced the rave uber??


A couple of weeks ago my partner and I ordered an uber to take us from Richmond to Preston, around midnight.

This uber was decked out with colourful lights across the whole ceiling and figurines everywhere. There was loads of candy. The driver handed us light-up karaoke microphones (when we were stopped at a red light) for us to sing along to the music we put on. At one point she literally handed me a tambourine. She never said a word and drove very safely while we had a rave in the back-seat.

This experience was overwhelming and wonderful and although I seldom tip people I gave her a big one. You got to admire the level of creativity and commitment to a bit that drunk people absolutely love.

Curious if anyone else has had the fortune of being picked up by her! Also wondering if this is something that makes people mad. I feel like it will for some reason...

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Video Preston Market is a vibe

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Recommend heading down to Preston Market. So many great food vendors, baked goods, deli, meats, seafood.


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Things That Go Ding When a level crossing removal project becomes art

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Things That Go Ding Surprisingly you can still drive on the F1 circuit


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Roads What do you think the pacemaker lights in the Burnley tunnel?


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Opinions/advice needed House got broken into this morning and the police didn't come when I called


What's the best thing to do in this situation? I was home and they broke in and literally just smashed some stuff before leaving. The guy was clearly under the influence of something and was not coherent. I have a big dog who was going nuts and it didn't phase him. I'm not sure what my next steps are here.

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Opinions/advice needed Best public toilet near Flinders St station?


Waiting on someone and need to take a massive shit.


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THDG Need Help Anyone know what this is? Straight line of light spotted 6am this morning from Doncaster East


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THDG Need Help Friend and I found this weird chair in hard rubbish. What it it?

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Opinions/advice needed Right time to re-plant garden?


Hi everyone, looking for some advice..

I'll preface by saying I'm not originally from Australia and managed to put down new plants on the hottest day of 2022, so they all quickly died.

The weather looks to have made the solid switch to Autumn and I'm wondering is now a good time to re-plant my front garden (north facing) or do I need to wait until Spring? Was thinking of doing a mix of ever-green plants and flowering plants.

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Opinions/advice needed First F1 GP (any advice?)

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Hi everyone,

As the title indicates, I'll be attending my first GP this week which is super exciting!

Just wondering if anyone has any advice from their previous experiences attending race day? I.e Drive, PT? Should I pack light or take food and drinks (assuming everything will cost an arm and a leg), Best time to get there?

I have a GA pass so any advice on best spots to sit and how to get there would also be greatly appreciated!

Yes, the AusGP website has some good info, but thought people's experiences would provide better insight.

Thanks in advance! 🏎

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Light and Fluffy News Sunfigo


Hadn't seen any Sunfigo artwork in a long time, so imagine my surprise when I spotted 2 new (or at least pretty recent) ones on my walk today! In Chadstone fyi

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Opinions/advice needed Am I an a hole?


I told my best mate over a few beers tonight that if I see a driver throw a lit cigarette out the window and I capture it clearly on my dash camera footage that I report them to the EPA.

He straight out said I'm an asshole.

Am I an asshole?

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Serious Please Comment Nicely CFA refuses to fund mental health treatment for woman who was punched, duct-taped to fire truck


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THDG Need Help Places to take a tourist that'll make them go WOW


My friend from Sydney is coming to Melbourne for the first time and I got one day with them, got any ideas or places to take them that will leave a massive impression on them (outside of CBD)?

I got some basic ideas (museums, lots of art, etc) but I want to see what creative ideas y'all got.

Edit: Thank you all yall are amazing ppl, defs gonna take them to revs

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Serious Please Comment Nicely Trying to understand the correct course of action for noise complaint(s)


I live in a block of units and it seems like my neighbour has a bee in their bonnet at all times. I’m not from here so I don’t know the best way to get it to stop, google is a bit unclear.

I do want to preface and say that I know a level of noise is expected when living in attached units however this seems to be beyond reasonable. Examples include:

  • Making calls presumably to overseas between 10PM - 3AM
  • Vacuuming between 1-3AM
  • Streaming two and a half men on max volume between 10PM-7AM

The thing that is really getting to me (and my sleep) is that at least once per week they will have a screaming argument with a partner over the phone. Today it started at 6AM, I’m writing this as they scream now.

I’ve begun to record instances so I can let my property management/building management know for non urgent noise but it’s the screaming that I can’t wait for. Is it ok to call the police? Do I call my council noise control number? I have no idea what to do and I don’t know how much more interrupted sleep I can get (I used to have insomnia and it’s taken a while to get things under control).

Any help would be appreciated! I’m desperate! Thanks